From Fireplace to Frigidaire – Vintage Appliance Cookbooks on 10/6/19

“No smoke or soot, no litter!”  “More leisure, more playtime, for the modern woman!”  “Scientific accuracy – perfection in cookery!”  Appliance cookbooks of the early to mid-20th century hailed the wonders of the modern kitchen with its new technology.  What a contrast to the cooking of the 18th century!

On October 6, 2:00 to 4:00, the museum will take a lively look at cooking, then and now. The first stop of the program is the museum’s Frazee Building for a look at home cooking as it was done over 200 years ago.  Visitors will experience the atmosphere of the early American kitchen as members of the Cooking Committee prepare seasonal dishes over the open hearth using 18th century skills such as regulation of fire and hot coals, and typical utensils made out of tin and cast iron.

Next stop is the main house, for a comparison of home cooking from the past with the period of 1910 into the 1960s, and how the rapid introduction of new gadgets and gizmos changed food preparation forever.  The highlight is a display of appliance cookbooks from this period, colorful illustrators of how the technology of the era affected not only the techniques of cooking, but also the culture of the kitchen.

The program includes tours of the restored, fully furnished farmhouse.  Admission is $5 for ages 13 and older, $3 for ages 3 to 13, and free age 2 and under.

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